My Someday Laundry Room

I adore doing laundry. It is, without contest, my favorite household chore.

I probably do laundry twice a week because I love it so very much. There is something terribly relaxing about taking hot sweatshirts and socks out of the dryer and folding them into neat little stacks. There is something terribly calming about knowing that every article of clothing you own is clean and ready to wear. There is something perfectly blissful about slipping into a bed at night with newly shaved legs and freshly laundered sheets. Plus, I think a washing machine is a magical thing: you put in dirty, crumpled, sometimes smelly clothing and a mere hour later, bright, delicious smelling clothing emerges.

My Someday Laundry Room may easily become one of my favorite rooms in my Someday House.  I will paint it something bright and cheery yet not overbearing as to preserve the peace that can come with doing laundry. I want it very organized: lots of baskets for sorting loads, bins for keeping detergent and fabric softener, a closet for the few “hang dry only” articles I own. I also want ample counter space for folding and a large, industrial sink for fighting battles against stains.

I may even put a couch in there. A couch where I can come and lie down, smell the fresh, warm laundry scent, and fall asleep to the rhythmic thumping of the dryer.

It may look something like this:

Notice the color choice and tiled backsplash.

OR this:

Look at all of that beautiful storage.

OR this:

Minus the pink walls, of course. See that nice window!

OR this:

As if you need flowers to make a laundry room smell good.

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4 Responses to My Someday Laundry Room

  1. C. says:

    LOVE the couch idea!


  2. jesslynann says:

    Me too. Doesn’t that sound heavenly?


  3. kderrick says:

    You have inspired me to redo my laundry room this weekend.


  4. Lisa says:

    Those are inspiring laundry rooms. However, I think I will always hate laundry. Which is why I’m hiring you to do mine. I will pay you $.12/article of clothing.


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