In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

It is 5:31 am as I begin this post. Why am I awake at this unhealthy hour? I tripped last night and rolled my ankle and it hurts. This may be the first time in years that I have been unable to sleep.

I think I will follow Sav’s example and do a post on whatever comes into my mind:

I think pancakes may be my all-time favorite food.

I love Russia but I grow weary of people calling me a communist whenever they find out I’ve been there. I know they only mean to tease but I have a significant number of friends who insist I’d marry Lenin if I had the chance and tell me communist Russia was the most evil thing this planet ever produced. Anyone who has studied history at all will know this is not true.

If I had to choose, I’d be blind instead of deaf. I don’t think I could handle being deaf. It would cut me off from the world waaaay too much.

Being around critical people stresses me out.

Being late stresses me out.

I cannot understand why on earth anyone would smoke. I don’t see any perk to covering your lungs with tar, smelling atrocious, and spending money on cigarettes to do it.

I like exercising but I can never make myself do it. I am most consistent with working out when I have someone to go with that will hold me accountable. Otherwise, I will stay home and take a nap. In general, I am a terribly un-self-motivated person. That’s a trait I’d like to get rid of.

I love the smell of outside.

I love the mountains. I think I would be very sad to live in a flat place. Also, I would choose mountains over the ocean or any other geographical feature.

I think I am going to go watch a movie. Watching movies puts me to sleep almost unfailingly.

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