My Someday Garden

Blame it on 18 years of forced Saturday morning manual labor, but I have a fair amount of gardening experience. I vowed that someday I would live in an apartment or a house with a very small yard and never, ever again subject myself to yard work.

This is no longer so.

Whilst in Russia, I reread The Secret Garden and began remembering how wonderful it was to be outside, smelling dirt and leaves and dew, planting seeds, and picking raspberries and zucchini. I started to long for a garden of my very own. I looked out into the yard of the place we lived in and wanted to go lay on the grass and  embrace the outdoorsy-ness inside me.

Now that summer is here, I get a little ache in my heart every time I go to Wal-Mart and pass the garden center and think of how I can’t pick out pumpkin, sunflower, tomato, pea, marigold, squash, chive, strawberry, zinnia, or carrot seeds.

My Someday Garden will feature a balance of vegetables and flowers. There is nothing more satisfying than eating a salad made with your very own spinach. But a garden needs to be pretty, too. I will have flower beds that rival any in Holland. I’d also like a healthy amount of trees providing me with both fruit and shade. Maybe even an arbor-ous alcove of sorts with benches and a cobblestone floor. If I get very ambitious, I may even add strings of large bulbed garden lights to enjoy on summer evenings. Lilac bushes are also a must; to me, there are few scents that can make me so deliriously happy as that of fresh lilacs. The last feature is lush, soft, emerald grass that I can nap on. The fact that I will most likely have a dog puts a little it of a damper on this part of the dream, but I dream it nonetheless. I imagine it will look something like this:

Magical, don’t you agree?
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3 Responses to My Someday Garden

  1. smalldog says:

    Magical indeed! I will visit, admire, and steal some of your carrots!


  2. Carol Ann says:

    You can come garden with me anytime!


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