My Someday Library

During the spring and summer terms, traffic in the traffic office tapers off significantly. As such, we employees need something to fill our time. A personal favorite of mine, as well as coworkers C. and Sav, is picturing our Someday Houses. I like to waste hours on real estate websites virtually touring homes in northern Virginia that I would never be able to afford in ten lifetimes of teacher salary. Since I anticipate at least another 2 months of good fantasizing time, I’ve decided to create an ongoing series dedicated to my someday house. Today’s feature: home library.

I must admit, this is the thing I want in my house more than any other, except maybe a garden. I want a sizeable room filled with books: books on Russia, books in Russian, books about George Washington, books by Mark Twain, books by Dr. Suess, books about propaganda, books about eggplant, books about trees, books shaped like trees, books about aboriginal tribes in Australia, books about science, books written by apostles, books about art, books written upside-down and backwards. You name it – I want it in my library…as long as it’s not boring or lame.

In my parenting class, I learned that by the time a child is 5, they should have had something like 10,000 books read to them. I want to start stuffing literature down my offspring’s throats before they even know what hit them. My mom told me once that when she was a kid, instead of a teddy bear or blanket, she had to go to sleep at night with a book in her arms. I want my kids to be like that. And what better way to make readers out of my kids than to have a library?

This room will be wall to wall books with a couple of big, overstuffed couches, piles of pillows, and quilts a’ plenty. If I can afford a little bit less wall space, it will feature a large bay window that will let in the summer breeze and provide view of the snowy yard in the winter. Maybe I’ll even put in a fireplace. I imagine it will look something like this:

Lastly, there will be some strict rules for this hallowed room. It shall be used only for reading and deep scholarly discussions. It can only be used for naps if you accidentally fall asleep whilst reading. There shall be no computer. Above all, there shall be NO television.

The best part about this library is that I get to start buying books to fill it now. I already own an obscene amount of books and I look forward to building my collection until it can at last find its home in my someday library.

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2 Responses to My Someday Library

  1. I LOVE home libraries. At my house I have an entire tall bookshelf all to myself, and stacks and stacks in my dorm room. I never get rid of them. When I grow up I'm going to be cool like you.


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