On the Range

I went to Colorado this weekend and it was the most glorious visit home I have had since I moved out. It was fantastic. I spent the weekend with most of my family (minus Celtic. Ohio is just too far away) plus a set of grandparents, an aunt, and a cousin, which was an unexpected surprise.
I remembered how terribly wonderful home it: my bed, my shower, the piano, the green, the mountains, our beautiful yard, our dog…it was perfect.

Highlights of the weekend :
-playing Beatles RockBand with Che and Dumples. The Wii is a new edition to our house, and I am a fan. I make a great Paul McCartney.
-seeing the Flatirons and enjoying the Colorado mountains (which, in all honesty, put Utah to shame).
-painting my nails and watching Sense and Sensibility with Mama.
-raiding my bookshelves and bringing home 50 pounds of books that I forgot I had and now can’t live without.
-Eating! There is always so much good food there. And I didn’t have to cook any of it.
-playing the piano.
-taking a nap outside until I was so hot, I had to go inside and sleep by the swamp cooler. Winter is gone!
-hearing my parents speak in church
-learning family secrets: my great-grandparents were much more interesting than I ever gave them credit for.
-laughing: my family should be a sitcom. We’re funny. Favorite quote of the weekend: “Do you think you can get arrested for bathing on the roof?”
-finding my dictator roots. Apparently, when I was in 6th grade, one of my teachers told Mama at parent-teacher conferences that I was trying to usurp his power. Either he was overly-insecure, or I was a powerful 11 year old.
-seeing old friends.
-teasing Princess.
-finding my Chairman Mao Zedong matruska doll I got in Russia.
-not doing homework. And not caring that I wasn’t doing it.
-singing Ben Folds and Regina Spektor at the top of my lungs with Dumples.

It almost made me want to move back. But not.

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2 Responses to On the Range

  1. Carol Ann says:

    You're amazing!!!!Dad


  2. Maren Kate says:

    I believe the comment was "Do you think you could get arrested for air bathing on the roof?"


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