Computer Woes

I didn’t work until 12:30 today so I slept in and allowed myself the luxury of watching an episode of Psych on DVD while I ate breakfast. For whatever reason, my computer froze a couple of minutes later and I shut it down. When I tried starting it again, it told me “A disk error occured. Press ctrl+alt+del to restart.” So I did. About 20 times. But each time it took me back to the same page and told me the same thing.
Now, I am at work, scouring the internet for any information on how to remedy this unfortunate problem. I’ve been at it for about an hour to no avail.
If my computer is broken, I lose all my notes from this semester, my journal for the last year, all of my pictures from Russia, and a host of other irreplaceable files. Not to mention, I will no longer have a computer. I think I am going to cry.
I hate technology.
I hate this computer.
I knew it from the start when Dell had to send me 2 replacements within the first month of having it because it wouldn’t work.
Next time, I’m getting a Mac.

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One Response to Computer Woes

  1. Becky says:

    Call your dad. Isn't he kinda an expert on computer problems? I love the picture in this post. It says to much!


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