For the Longest Time

I think I may be suffering from a legitimate medical condition where I am unable to tell time, or really have any concept of time.
Exhibit A: You know in second grade when you learned how to read an analoge clock? I never got it. So, I never learned how to tell time. I can kind of do it now, but I still tend to read it wrong so I just avoid doing it. How I got into college, I’ll never know.
Exhibit B: Junior year of high school. I should know the school schedule by then, yes? No. For my final in my history class that year, we had a project that was due during the time of our scheduled final. Somehow I thought the final started at 10 but it started at 8. I figured I’d get to school a little early and put some finishing touches on my poster. I drove up to school and strangely, there were a lot more cars than I thought would be there. And there was no one standing outside. I started to get a little worried so I walked past my classroom to see  my whole class there, presenting their projects. I snuck in and tried to act like I’d been there the whole time but I didn’t fool anyone. Class got out about 10 minutes later and I went up to the teacher and tried to tell explain to him what happened but I only got about a sentence out before I started crying. The poor man was only about 28 and didn’t know what to do with a sobbing 16 year old girl.
Exhibit C: I went to Russia. I moved 10 time zones. Did I have any jet lag – no. I didn’t feel it at all. I don’t think that’s normal.
Last summer when I worked at the preschool, I freaked out one day because I thought that I had somehow lost track of time and it was an hour later than I thought. I made my kids eat their snack as fast as they could so we could get sunscreen and hats on quickly and get to the playground for outside time on time. It was only when we were having our circle time before we went outside that I realized that I was right the first time and we still had an hour before outside time. I think I an unable to keep a schedule.
Today, I went to my Art History class early so I could claim a spot near an outlet for my computer. There was no one in the room when I got there but since I was early, I wasn’t surprised. It wasn’t until 10 minutes after the hour that I realized I was still the only one in the room. It was then that I remembered that class started at 4:00, not 3:00.
I don’t think other people make mistakes like this so frequently. I really think my internal clock is broken. Does anyone know where I can get this fixed?

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