Public Service Announcement

Dear BYU Food Service Patrons,
Here are some friendly reminders from your local vending machine girl. 
1)While I am flattered at the extent of knowledge you seem to think I possess, I do not know the caloric content, serving size, or nutritional information of the food you get out of the vending machines. I just fill them.
2) I know the standard issue polo shirt and key ring radiate with power, but I don’t have keys to every machine on campus. Just the ones I fill. So, sorry, but I can’t free your Cheetos from the clutches of the vending coils.
3) I, myself, am not some kind of machine. I can’t make change for you nor can I give you a refund for the Pop-tart that you can’t get out.
Thank you for your attention. Happy snacking to all, and to all a good snack!

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