It’s Hip to Be a (Red) Square

Here is a photo tour of my Russian journey, thus far:
Gum – Some old important, historical building, you say? No, a shopping center.
Most of the teachers at Red Square
Lenin’s Tomb. Possibly the sole reason I came here. Cannot wait to see him.
I guess I’ll show you the whole picture even though I know you only care about the bottom right corner.
The REAL St. Basil’s Cathedral
A replica St. Basil’s inside Gum
Guess which one is the statue…..
Russian History Museum. Can you even believe this building? I could just stare at it all day long. When I actually get inside, I am pretty sure I will freak out.
My school, Captain. It is a kindergarten and early elementary. Private school, ritzy and really nice.
The view from my bedroom window. Here’s the deal with the place we live – we can’t figure it out. There is a main house in the property but we rarely see people there. There are, though, many, many random people that come hang out on the grounds. People fish in the pond, and take out the four wheelers in the garage (below our apartment), but I think most of them are the groundskeeper’s friends. We figure the house must be somehow related to the school because there are teachers here sometimes and the groundskeeper is friends with the school security guard. Anyway, it is a strange place. I want to understand everything that goes on here.
Mama, I had to post this for you. There was this super big wig shop in this big, swanky mall. Had I been here a year ago, I definitely would have picked out one or two for you. How would Ella have liked that, eh?
The fountain in the garden’s outside Catherine the Great’s estate. Circle and I are showing off our skills at being fountains. I am currently looking into a career as a human fountain.
My solo shot – for the portfolio, you know?
On the boat tour of Moscow. These are our Russian smiles. We’ve been practicing.
These are our American smiles.
This is my oh-my-word-I-am-in-Russia-and-I-love-it face.
“Hodel, oh Hodel, have I got a match for you.”
Outside a monastary – Church of Our New Savior, I think? All women must cover thier heads and wear skirts. I saw many Rasputins.
Outside Red Square. Lenin and Stalin look alikes. I should have taken pictures with them.
The Kremlin!
A Metro station. Not the inside of a church, as you may have thought. Also, a nice view of someone’s head. For your viewing pleasure.
View from another teachers’ apartment. It looks away from the main part of Moscow but look at all those dense trees. Dense trees and apartment buildings. That’s Moscow for you.

Catherine the Great’s Palace. Not the best picture. It was pretty cool though. Like all the architecture here, very intricate.
Ah, who doesn’t love a good blog post to end with our dear friend Michael Jackson. At least, that’s who it looks like. The ad is for a big Russian cultural event to take place in Red Square this month. If this poster is a taste of what’t coming, I think I will go hang out with the drunks on the street instead.
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2 Responses to It’s Hip to Be a (Red) Square

  1. Carol Ann says:

    You make me laugh! Loved the wigs! I choose the blond one with the long curly beard… I'm a natural blond, you know! Love you!


  2. Dionne says:

    Jesslyn, you are so funny! What an amazing place — even the metro station looks beautiful! You look so happy. And. . . you make a great "matchmaker".


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