Free Thinking Artist

DISCLAIMER: this is not a direct transcription. Some artistic lisence went into the writing of this blog. Every effort was made to record utmost truthfulness.

Scene: 10:30pm, Sunday night, I am in my room working on an art project.
Enter: Mama
Some chitchat and then we start talking about my art that is lying on the floor.
Mama: Jesslyn, just because you are an artist doesn’t mean you have to be liberal. There are some very good artists who are conservative.
Jesslyn: (laughs hysterically) What?!
Mama: Artists have a reputation for being liberal, but I just don’t want you to think that you have to be liberal to be an artist.
Jesslyn: (laughs again) Wait, what?
Mama: I think sometimes you try to make yourself look really liberal. I think it is to show us that you don’t think like us but it is okay to be conservative.
Jesslyn: Really, Mom? Really?
Mama: I’m just saying…

Wait, did that just happen?
So, to clarify for anyone who may be wondering.
I don’t like Fox News (I may say I hate it), I listen to NPR and I like it (it’s a dirty secret I have been hiding from my parents), if I had been registered to vote in the last election, it would have been for Obama (my aunts and uncles will stone me), I am passionate about recycling (and I believe that yes, global warming is real (but it’s not a huge deal), and yes, we should take care of the planet but Al Gore can go suck a lemon), I disagree with capital punishment, I’m undecided about healthcare, I think the education system needs a lot of work (for starters, standardized testing reforms), I don’t like party politics but I can’t think of a better way to do it, I oppose abortion, and I think there needs to be more accountability from political leaders and the way public funds are spent. Also, not a huge fan of stimulus money. War in Iraq – I know nothing about it, therefore I have no educated opinion.
There, that is the grand sum of all my political (and some not political) views. Tear me to pieces, if you will, but that’s the honest truth. I don’t have an opinion about most things politics. Politics confuse, bore, intimidate, and frustrate me. Sorry if I have been putting on a Democratic facade.
But really, how did this conversation go from Exact-o knives to politics?

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One Response to Free Thinking Artist

  1. Mama says:

    Huh– I don’t remember that conversation the same way you do–but it must be because I am elderly and losing my memory…


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