Waste of Space

That is me. A waste of space. Moving home is such a withdrawl. I do nothing with my life. I spent the first 4 days cleaning out my room, throwing stuff away, and packing up my stuff from college. I spent the next 3 painting an ugly picture and mending some clothes. I started working, but less than 3 hours a day, usually. That gives me some purpose. And I come home and organize my iTunes library, take ridiculously long naps, do the dishes and watch TV. The highlight of my day is Jeopardy. How I love that Alex Trebek. Today I slept through it and it was devastating. To date, I have applied for 8 jobs, been rejected from 5 and haven’t heard back from the other ones. So, I go the YMCA and wipe runny noses and work a total of 10 hours a week.
Long story short, I need someone to give a purpose in life. Something to do with my time. Something to keep me sane. Suggestions?…

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