It Makes Me Wonder, Pt II

So, I actually wasn’t planning on doing a part II but today, the opportunity presented itself. So, last time I had a question about blind people. Now I have a question about deaf people.
I was a devotional today. It was a concert with all the BYU choirs. It opened with a prayer, half an hour of straight singing, and then a closing prayer. As I sit, I look down to see an ASL translator. And I asked myself this, Why on earth is there an ASL translator here? Why would a deaf person come to a concert? The girls translated the closing and opening prayers and the last song, which was “Lead, Kindly Light.” Not to say that deaf people weren’t welcome at this devotional but why on earth would they want to. They can’t hear the music. And the choirs aren’t that fun to look at, either.
That’s really all I had to say. This is a legitimate question. I asked my friend who was sitting next to my why someone was translating and she didn’t seem to understand why I was asking. Maybe I am missing something….

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