MOA: Museum of “Ain’t Got No Money”

I am broke. It’s true. I always figured, it’s the life of a college student. I can scrimp and save, and find a job and I’ll be good, right?
So, that’s what I did. I barely spend money and I work as many hours as I can at the MOA, the Museum of Art Cafe on campus. I like the job a lot. I mostly make food, dance like an idiot to whatever is on the radio, and clean. It’s a good setup. Well, lately, our profits have been going down. We’ve been cutting back on expenses and raising our prices but apparently it’s not enough. Lots of head honchos have been coming to look at us the last few weeks trying to figure out what to do. Today, my boss’s boss came in and talked to her in her office for a long time. When he left, she told us she had to cut back out hours. I didn’t think that was so bad…until I looked at the new schedule. She had been told she needed to cut back our hours by half. My workload was reduced from 13-14 hours a week to 6. And, we are already understaffed. I feel like I’ve been fired, but I haven’t. She let me keep a lot more of my hours than she did other people so I am grateful for that but 6 hours a week is not enough to pay rent, buy groceries, and save for Russia. It’s not going to happen.
Long story short, I’m not going to be saving much the rest of this year and my prospects for this summer are looking pretty dim. New plan…drop out of college, and live in a van down by the river. All I need to do is find a van and a river.

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