It’s A Wonderful Life

Today was a fantastic day. Really. Best Day Ever. Here’s how it went down:
1. I got to sleep in.
2. I ate pancakes with peanut butter and syrup for breakfast.
3. We had cleaning checks yesterday so my apartment was clean.
4. My roommates had already left for school so I got the apartment to myself.
5. I went to the devotional and it was really good.
6. I went to work and we weren’t too busy.
7. I got to make fresh croutons and I put lots of cheese on them.
8. The weather in Provo was fabulous.
9. For leftovers, we had lots of my favorites: Thai Red Curry, Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich, and 2 broken cookies.
10. I went to my history class, got a seat on the end, sat next to a really nice kid, and learned all about the Roman Empire.
11. I got a test and an essay back and got A’s on both of them.
12. My Parenting class was cancelled.
13. I went to the Lost and Found and got back my wonderful water bottle that I can’t live without.
14. I saw lots of people on campus that I like.
15. I was just barely late for the bus but the bus driver saw me and stopped.
16. I got home and my roommates were about to leave.
17. I found my pin that says, “Recycling: Not just for dirty hippies” and I put it on my backpack.
18. It is Tuesday and I usually go grocery shopping with Dumples but I have so much food at my house that I don’t have to. And I get to save all that money. But I don’t get to have my weekly run on the Macey’s with Dumples.
19. It was a good hairday.
20. I saw a girl sitting on the floor of the handicapped stall in the bathroom working on homework. It made me laugh.

Really, what else could anyone want out of life?

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